Maybe you’re skeptical about what men have to gain from greater gender balance. Maybe you’re reticent to speak up about a sensitive subject. Perhaps you’re wondering how to get more men to join the gender balance debate. Or maybe you just want to take part in one of the major managerial transformations facing companies in the 21st century.

Gender balance: when men step up. Because men too can benefit!

Today’s leaders have much to gain from greater gender balance, be it in their personal lives or at work. The leaders interviewed for this book are categorical: gender balance is a tool to transform organisations and to build competitive advantage. But it is also a means to address men’s – and Gen Y’s – growing aspiration for flexibility and innovative ways of working. This book clarifies the business case for gender balance, explores what men have to gain, provides the basic knowledge to engage debate and action plans – and get other men on board. Twelve leaders explain why they have personally taken a stand on gender balance and put it high on their list of strategic priorities.

The book will help men and women understand the pillars of masculine identity, and why change in organisations is so difficult. It resolutely takes the man’s point of view in the hope of rebalancing a debate too often confined to women, to political correctness or to conforming reluctantly to equality laws. As men and women’s aspirations converge, we hope this book will bring new perspectives, a new language – and a more balanced view of gender balance!

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